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Emergency Management / Terror Preparedness Plans (Industry and Business)


Emergency Management / Terror Preparedness Plans (Industry and Business)
Our Emergency Management / Terror Preparedness Training Program provides you with over 50 editable emergency management topics used by Business and Industry for disaster and terror preparedness.

All of the plans have the same "look" and "format", so developing a standardized facility emergency management plan is a snap. Provided in Word® for Windows® on a CD-ROM.

Topics Include:


  • Plan Management
  • Planning Committee Policy/Charter
  • Safe Work Policy
  • Media Relations Policy
  • Physical Security Plan
  • Emergency Management Training (Staff)

General Policies

  • Employee Accountability Procedures
  • Company Property Access Policy
  • Employee Liability Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Free Policy
  • Harassment/Discrimination Policy

Accident Procedures

  • On-Site Injury
  • On-Site Vehicle Accident
  • Company Vehicle Accident
  • Plane Crash (Schools in Proximity to Airports)

Discipline Procedures

  • Employees

Emergency Response

  • Communication During Emergencies
  • Local Emergency Responders
  • Hazardous Materials Spill
  • Search and Rescue Procedures
  • Damage Assessment Procedures

Facility Safety

  • Facility Smoking Policy
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency Supplies Policy

Fatality (On-Site)

  • Homicide Procedures
  • Suicide/Attempted Suicide Policy
  • Death by Natural Causes

Fire Safety

  • Facility Fire Prevention Program
  • Containable fire - Quick Response
  • Non Containable fire - Quick Response
  • Fire Extinguisher Program

First Aid

  • General Procedures for First Aid
  • Drug Overdose/Employee Collapse
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Transfer
  • Food Poisoning/Allergic Reaction Procedures

Hostile Act

  • Hostage Procedures (Work Area)
  • Rape
  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Kidnapping Procedures
  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Crime and Drug Reporting Procedures

Hostile Group

  • Riot or Public Demonstration
  • Gang Fight Procedures

Weapons Threat

  • Enforcement Policy
  • Armed Assailant Policy
  • Shooting/Shots Fired Procedures

Natural Disaster

  • Severe Weather Procedures
  • Earthquake Procedures
  • Hurricane Procedures
  • Tornado Procedures
  • Flood/Flash Flood Procedures
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For over 30 years we have provided safety products, programs, and written materials to safety professionals and employees worldwide.

Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and numerous other businesses all use Compliware.
Price: $249.00
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