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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Description: As new software versions are released, users often struggle through the changes on their own, which is why you should take our Dreamweaver CS4 training course so that you do not have to fret about trying to learn all the new enhancements and features on your own!

Since our course is taught by certified subject matter experts who have years of experience in the field, know that when you take our course, you will be receiving a quality education filled with tons of interactive components designed to make learning fun and very informative at the same time.

Dreamweaver CS4 Basic Course Contents

1.0 Reviewing Web Terminology

  • Describing HTML, XHTML, DHTML
  • Describing Cascading Style Sheets
  • Reviewing New Scripting Capabilities
  • Reviewing Basic Protocol

2.0 Getting Started

  • Using the Welcome Screen
  • Reviewing the New Interface
  • Working with Panels
  • Using the Document Toolbar
  • Using the Applications Toolbar

3.0 Setting Up Your Environment

  • Working with Browsers and Live View
  • Setting Up a Site
  • Creating Supporting Folders
  • Adding Pages to Folders
  • Managing Your Site

4.0 Dreamweaver Basics

  • Creating a Document and Preferences
  • Including Text
  • Managing Images
  • Managing Links
  • Reviewing Metatags

5.0 Working with Style Sheets

  • Overview of CSS Setup
  • Using the CSS Styles Panel
  • Managing Selectors

6.0 Layout Fundamentals

  • Creating Tables
  • Creating a Tableless Layout
  • Inserting and Importing Content
  • Reviewing the Layout Tools

7.0 Working with Text

  • Establishing Margins, Padding and Line Height
  • Editing and Formatting Text
  • Using the Property Inspector

8.0 Introduction to Forms

  • Reviewing Form Basics
  • Adding Form Content
  • Submitting Your Form
  • Adding Style

Dreamweaver CS4 Advanced Course Contents

1.0 Adding Functionality

  • Rollover Basics
  • Working with Multiple States
  • Incorporating Spry Widgets
  • Managing Popups and Browsers
  • Using CSS to Control Rollovers

2.0 Working with Code and XML

  • Using the Code Navigator and Toolbar
  • Using Code Hints
  • XHTML Setup and Viewing
  • Managing XML Documents
  • Incorporating an RSS Feed
  • Using CSS to Control Image Attributes

3.0 Using Templates and Integration

  • Using and Editing a Template
  • Creating a Template
  • Managing Regions
  • Working with Library Items and Related Files
  • Reviewing Image Editing
  • Integrating Photoshop Smart Objects
  • Setting Preferences

4.0 Adding Audio, Video and Flash

  • Managing Audio and Video Files
  • Managing Flash elements
  • Managing Parameters for Content

5.0 Streamlining Your Work

  • Shortcuts and Edits
  • Proofing and Reporting
  • Using CSS Template Pages
  • Using CSS to Simplify Structure
  • Setting Up Automation

6.0 Advanced Dreamweaver Capabilities

  • Reviewing InContext Editing
  • Reviewing Database Integration
  • Reviewing Behaviors
  • Reviewing Collaboration Tools

7.0 Adding Accessibility

  • Reviewing Guidelines and Setting
  • Managing Accessible Content

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 CBT Training Videos on DVD

We also offer our self-study Dreamweaver CS4 CBT course that also fits into any busy professional's busy schedule. Since the course is taken entirely from your computer, you never have to attend a class since all you need is the Dreamweaver CS4 training DVD to learn from.

You'll learn from a certified instructor through instructor-led videos that you can start and stop as needed in our computer based training course. Whether you spend an hour, day, or week on one topic is up to you. Get real results with our self-paced Dreamweaver CS4 computer based training videos.

About The Provider: K Alliance provides computer based training (CBT) and online computer training videos.

We offer a complete e-learning solution in the form of either dvd, CD, intranet, or online training video courseware.

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